Physiotherapy, massage & taping

Please note that our sports massage & physiotherapy service is yet to be confirmed for the 2021 event.

Stay healthy ahead of the race

To help you prepare for the race and avoid injury Physio James Masterson has produced some useful videos on how to warm up effectively, use a foam roller and more:

Video: How to warm up

Physio James Masterson explains how to warm up effectively to prevent injury.

warm up2

Video: How to use a foam roller

Know how to use a foam roller properly? Physio James Masterson explains how to use a foam roller to self-treat your calfs, hamstrings, IT band and gluteal muscles.

foam roller

Video: 3 balance exercises

Physio James Masterson shows three balance exercises ideal for runners.


Video: 3 strengthening exercises

Squats, single leg dips and single leg squats: Watch three great exercises for runners


Video: Work your core: the Bridge

Physio James Masterson shows how to strengthen your core for running with the Bridge.


Injury FAQs

What do I do if I get an injury?

Stop running immediately.  Rest, compress, elevate and ice the injured area.  For small area, wrap a bag of peas in a tea towel and place on the injury site for 5 minutes on/5 mins off and repeat this a few times a day.  For a larger area, repeat the same but ice for 10 minutes at a time.  2-3 days after injury seek advice or treatment with a Sports Therapist or Physiotherapist to avoid long term issues developing.

What if I have a niggle or old injury?

If it’s an old niggle that is slowing you down, seek treatment to avoid secondary injuries and compensatory issues.  In time this can lead to further injury, pain and reduction in performance.  Get it seen to before it becomes an issue.

Is it a good idea to get sports massage before the event?

Regular sports massage is very beneficial to keep muscles flexible, flush out the build-up of toxins, highlight any areas that may need stretching or strengthening, speed up recovery and reduce niggles that may lead to injury.  Once a month is advisable but you can also get great benefits from a pre and post-race session on race day or a few days before and a few days after the race.