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February 21, 2024 at 7:25 pm

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Runner Spotlight – Meet Naomi Garrick

Naomi Garrick is running as a dalmatian for International Animal Rescue 

Guinness World Record holder Naomi is lacing up her running shoes for a great cause as she prepares to run the upcoming Brighton Half Marathon to support International Animal Rescue.

Naomi, known for her athletic achievements and philanthropic spirit, will run the half marathon dressed as a dog in support of International Animal Rescue. Naomi’s journey is deeply personal, driven by her commitment to honouring her late mother’s legacy. Naomi’s mother dedicated her life to supporting animals, and in her memory, Naomi has pledged to continue the fight against animal suffering

This isn’t Naomi’s first run; she secured two Guinness World Records, including an impressive marathon time of 3 hrs 41 minutes while wearing a wedding dress. Her remarkable achievements even landed her a feature on the popular morning show, This Morning, where she was interviewed live on air by Phil and Holly the day after her televised marathon.

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