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January 19, 2024 at 2:26 pm

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Join Team Macmillan at Brighton Half Marathon 2024

Join Team Macmillan at Brighton Half Marathon 2024 and help us change the lives of people living with cancer across the UK.

There are three million people living with cancer in the UK and Macmillan is doing whatever it takes to support them. We’re at the end of the phone. We’re online. Macmillan volunteers are supporting people through treatment. And our Macmillan health professionals are working tirelessly across the UK. We keep pushing every day to do whatever it takes to ensure people with cancer get the support they need to live fully. But we couldn’t do what we do without people like you, who join Team Macmillan at challenges like Brighton Half Marathon and give their all to help us be there for people facing cancer.

Exceptional times need exceptional people. We know how much goes into a half marathon. From lacing up your trainers on your first training run, to the passion and dedication that goes into fundraising, to race day and beyond – we get it, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

By joining Team Macmillan at Brighton Half Marathon 2024, you will transform lives. And at Team Macmillan, we are here to support you every step of the way. We will cheer you on until we’re hoarse and shout your achievements from the rooftops. Because you’re doing something amazing; helping people with cancer live life as fully as they can. And they need everything you can give, because life with cancer has never been so tough.

Got your own place already?

You can still run for Macmillan! Let us know that you would like to join Team Macmillan by completing this form and we’ll organise a fundraising pack for you. You’ll still receive the same level of support as a charity place runner, all we ask in return is for you to raise as much as you can for Macmillan.

What impact could my run make?

Times are tough, and asking for donations from friends and family may feel like a bigger ask than normal. As Macmillan is 97% funded by people like you, each penny and each pound you raise on your Brighton Half Marathon journey matters to Macmillan.

  • £33 could fund a Macmillan nurse for 1 hour, helping people living with cancer and their families receive support with treatment, how they’re feeling, money and work.

  • £166 could fund a small benefits advice service for 1 day, offering people living with cancer specialist advice on entitlements to benefits, tax credits and grants.
  • £247 could pay for a Macmillan Information and Support Manager for 1 day, giving people living with cancer the opportunity to ask questions and talk through their concerns.
  • £1,046 could fund the Macmillan energy advice phone service for 1 day. In this time, they could, on average, deal with 40 calls or web enquires, providing advice on how people living with cancer can keep warm without the worry.


We need an army of cheerers to make this event special. If running is not your thing or you have any family and friends who’d like to come and support you on the day, we’d love them to join our volunteer team!

Drop our friendly volunteering team and email on to sign-up today!

If you have any questions about running or volunteering for Macmillan, you can email us at or call on 0300 1000 200.