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February 15, 2016 at 6:17 pm

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Staying healthy in the lead up to race day

Physio Quentin Guichard from our sports massage and injury prevention partner Sundial Clinics gives his advice in the lead up to race day. 

Are you eating well and enough? With the cold weather you’ll burn more calories when running but also in your daily life. If you are tired, catching colds or feeling run down, it might be the season but may also be your nutrition that is suffering. Think about what and when you eat to fuel those cold runs and long days.

How much sleep are you having during the week and weekends? Sleeping is your body’s way of charging itself up like a battery for the next day’s task; its way of repairing itself. If you don’t charge your battery long enough, it will not power you for very long or very well. Not everyone needs the same amount of sleep but the more active you are in a day the more these good hours of sleep are precious to your body. Skip the sleep and you will feel it!

Endurance? (Will) power? By now you should have a pretty good idea of your weaknesses. If you feel your muscles could do with a boost, look at these videos by Sundial physio James on 3 strengthening moves for runners and get started! You can alternate between running sessions and strength training to maximise the benefits in the last weeks of your training.

To stretch or not to stretch? Most people include stretches in their routine and it’s important to keep flexible and prepare your muscles for a run if you sit most of the day (which lots of us do). Stretching is also an injury prevention tool.

Don’t rush stretching though: A stretch should be held for over 30 seconds and be practised every day. The three stretches I recommend are: Hamstrings, hip flexors and calfs and here is how to do these.

Stay injury free
How are you doing? If you feel your body is letting you down in the final few weeks ahead of the race get it checked out by a physiotherapist sooner rather than later. It might be as simple as a stretch you are not doing.

MassageMassage and stretching service on race day
Good luck for the next couple of weeks and see you on the 28th! Sundial will be in the massage marquee, by the beach. See the race village map here.

Get a massage, it’s good for recovery and a percentage of the proceeds will go to The Sussex Beacon charity. Go to the Shop to book. We’ll also have free access to a stretching area in the massage marquee with people showing you their know-how.

Come and say hello on race day!